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In Barry Schwartz’s latest video interview, we talk to Josef Sperzel about how he got into technical SEO, site architecture and spider crawling issues, and why he’s most excited about utilizing Python to create data visualizations to streamline the day-in and day-out processes of technical SEO.

“It’s the core of what I’m really into now,” said Sperzel, “Understanding the ins and outs of the actual code base and being able to pull and push data.”

At the time of the interview, Josef was the VP director of SEO for MediaHub (part of the MuellenLowe Group). He has since joined Horizon Media as Group Director of SEO. As an English major, he always enjoyed the web publishing side of things, but eventually got into the technical aspects of SEO. Josef says he cut his teeth on white hat SEO at an agency called Morpheus during the beginning of his career.

Follow Josef on Twitter at: @JosefSperzel.

You can listen to Barry’s full conversation with Josef here:

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