Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

getboz240 FAQ

Some of our frequently asked questions

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  • Do you offer any guarantees?

We guarantee any and all WordPress services performed for a period of 2 years provided you do not change the code and backup your website as required. For hosting services, we guarantee an uptime of 99.5%. For SEO, Social Media and PPC, we guarantee all services will be performed as described in your contract, but we do not guarantee results as there are factors involved that make it impossible for us to make any such guarantees.

  • Academic and not for profit pricing

We’re happy to offer a 15% discount to qualified not-for-profit organizations and academic institutions (no 10% charity allotment for NFPs and academic institutions).

  • Why don’t you show set prices?

With the exception of our WordPress Website Packages, which have set prices, we chose to have “Starting From” price points for two reasons. First, this shows upfront the minimum amount required a service we offer and second it gives us the flexibility to work within a client’s budget, provided they can meet the minimum amount requirement.

  • How do I get a quote?

Simple. Please go here for custom quotes and pricing.

  • Can I have a free consultation?

By all means! We offer free consultations (15-minute limit) to any small business owner who asks. Just go here to get started.

  • Do you really give 10% of all sales to charity?

We sure do. In fact, we give 10% of all GROSS sales to a charity you choose. Please go here to find out more.

  • What if I have more questions?

No problem. Just contact us here and we’ll be happy to assist you