The Most Important Part of Audience Interaction?

Keeping your audience engaged with your content can often be a challenge. To avoid creating recurring and monotonous content, diversify your social media content and increase viewer engagement. This article will help you discover how to develop an effective interactive content strategy that will actively involve your audience.

Planning your interactive content

When planning your interactive content strategy, think about the kind of user experience you want to create. Consider the goals you want to achieve with your campaign. Are you looking to increase followers or are you looking to generate leads? The interactive social media campaign below asked people to create their own unique Instagram logo.

The Most Important Part of Audience Interaction?

Your audience will also determine the kind of interactive experience that you would want to provide. That’s why Instagram, who pushed the hashtag above above, went with a creative, design-orientated campaign.

If you are planning to target a casual audience, such as new customers, the interactive experience should be quick and easy for them to get into. On the other hand, recurring followers might want to have a more personal experience.

Tying your interactive content to a larger marketing strategy

Once you have outlined the interactive experience that you wish to deliver, think about how it will play into your larger content marketing strategy. You should consider things such as:

  • A plan for how you will lead people to your interactive content from your other social media platforms.
  • Knowing how the interactive content campaign will both begin and end.
  • How you were audience will engage with your content.
  • The best way to introduce your interactive content into their experience.
  • How your interactive content aligns with your current content.

Having an interactive content marketing campaign is good. Having an interactive content marketing campaign, which also ties into your blog content, a YouTube video, and a series of tweets, is even better. Don’t let it exist on an island.

Building your interactive content

While there is a variety of interactive content that you can create, these are some of the most popular ones used:

  • Quizzes: Quizzes are great for quick engagement with your audienceCarla as well as collecting more information about them. This gives you a great opportunity to learn about your audience.
  • Polls and surveys: Like quizzes, polls and surveys help to collect audience information. Make sure to pick a topic that is particularly intriguing. Think of the target audience you’re hoping to reach and the purpose of your survey.
  • Interactive infographics: Infographics are one of the most consumed types of content today. People receive visual information better. When you share your information via a colorful infographic, you will have a more engaged audience.
  • Contests: What better way to engage your audience than to offer them a chance to win a prize? The contest must be simple with a couple of easily followed steps. You want your audience to have fun, not spend the afternoon registering for your contest.

Adding a certain degree of interaction to your videos will help generate more interest among your viewers. Dedicate a portion of your videos to talking directly to your audience about your content.

Epic Rap Battles of History built their channel with interactive content right from day one. They let their fans decide which video to make next:

The Most Important Part of Audience Interaction?

It’s not just about giving your audience the opportunity to create interactive content, it’s also about acknowledging them.

Allocating resources

Determine if you have the resources for your content to deliver the desired interactive experience. Depending on the type of interactive content you want to create, you might need to hire new people to manage it. This is all going to come down to how you develop your content strategy, and the people you have available.

Consider the tools you need to properly track the content. When content starts coming in from your audience hot and heavy, will you be able to keep up? Using something as simple as a hashtag to track it can help. You may want to create a submission page on your website as well.

Match your content to your target audience

In the end, it all comes down to your target audience. The interactive content you’re trying to create will only succeed if your audience interacts with it. The most important thing you need to do before you create new interactive content is to analyze the demographics of your audience:

  • How old is your audience?
  • What time of day do they engage with your content the most?
  • Where does your primary audience come from?
  • How far into your videos does your audience watch?

By answering these questions you can create an effective interactive content strategy. Understanding the likes and dislikes of your target audience will give you a clear picture of how to tailor your interactive content. Interaction as part of a content marketing strategy is a foolproof means of engaging your audience. They have fun and you win as they are then more likely to continually engage with you.

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