Hot Tips For Google Ad Buyers

1. Automate Your Bidding

To make sure your PPC effort succeed, I recommend using automated bidding rules on Google Ads.

It’s a sure way to save time and money.

For example, in the rules section of your Google Ads dashboard, you can create automated rules for account optimization:

you tell Google Ads how to manage events in your account, like
increasing your ad spend when the average cost per click is low:

Consulting works with a lot of large accounts that frequently start and
stop campaigns based on iterative performance. That can be
a managerial nightmare. It’s incredibly time-consuming to babysit
campaign performance to the required level of granularity. And the risk of missing something and overspending is high.

To (try to) avoid any risk, Brady Cramm uses to manage their budget and ad spend across so many different concurrent campaigns. With Shape, you can set up predefined targets with caps for multiple campaigns under each client.

And it offers a cool, all-in-one visualization of all channels.

It includes budget trend, predicted spend based on real-time performance, how increases or decreases will affect performance, and also an autopilot feature to catch trend lines to not overspend.


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