Considering Video Marketing?

Two weeks ago, I listed the video marketing trends that the entrepreneur should embrace. However, there are always things that can go wrong; so, in this blog, I want to point out those things that the entrepreneur should NOT do. If you can avoid these common video marketing mistakes, your videos will perform much better and they will be able to fulfill their goals more effectively.

This list is compiled from recent articles by Rebecca Saunders, Nitin Jain, and Oneiro Studios.

Mistake #1: hard selling

In today’s digital age, information is everywhere. That means you need to make your content stand out. No one wants to be sold to ridiculously hard, so make sure you take no “hard sell” approach. Instead, make sure your content is always engaging and informative and that it adds value. Show your expertise and industry knowledge by talking about what you know best: your industry and your business. Ideally, your marketing videos should be part of a larger campaign that gradually convinces viewers they want to buy your products or services – rather than trying to impose it on them.

Considering Video Marketing?

Mistake #2: making the video too long

The customers’ attention span is getting shorter and shorter. Nowadays, bite-sized videos that are short, direct, and tightly-focused perform much better than their longer counterparts. Even if you have enough content to fill a ten-minute video, make sure to build your audience’s expectations and start small. Aim to create short videos of 60-90 seconds. Build their loyalty and create regular content they love. Over time, they will become engaged enough to watch lengthier video content from you. Yes, this takes time.

Mistake #3: underutilizing social media

Be sure to upload your video to a video website like YouTube, Vimeo or DailyMotion, in order to embed videos on your website. Always add an SEO-friendly title and description to help with organic reach. When uploading to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, always upload your video content natively. Social platforms prefer native content so it will get more views than a YouTube link.

Mistake #4: forgetting about the thumbnail and title

The first things of your videos that viewers will see are the title and thumbnail. Consequently, forgetting about them could have a dramatic effect on the effectiveness of your videos. Both should be convincing enough that viewers choose to click and watch your video.

Mistake #5: not tailoring the content for the platform on which it is published

Nowadays, there are many different platforms where you can publish your marketing videos. Each platform is unique in its own way, both in terms of the video parameters as well as the audience that frequents them. If you want your videos to live up to their potential, you need to tailor them to the platform on which they are published.

Mistake #6: no clear branding strategy

Incorporating elements that relate to your brand and visualizing things related to the brand are crucial. They will make viewers remember your brand.

Mistake #7: no information overload

Keep your information as simple as possible. For your videos to attract more viewers, your idea should be simple and realistic. You can write a solid script to ensure your video is not too long or too short.

Mistake #8: no optimization for distribution

Make sure viewers can easily find your videos and share them with others. So, optimize your SEO by using correct keywords, use your videos on all social networks, and promote the video on your website.

Video marketing as part of digital marketing

Digital marketing, with and without video, has changed a lot over the past few years so what worked for you last year might not work for you this year. One of your jobs as an entrepreneur is to keep up with these changes. After all, your ability to create leads comes down to building trust and intimacy with those who need you the most and convincing them you are the most relevant choice.


My Dad was a Creative Director all his life. I spent my youth working in the agency, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. All those experiences made me into a thinker, dreamer and doer that specializes in integrated branding, marketing, digital and public relations services. I feel my key value to clients is the ability to turn creative concepts into analytically driven marketing plans and tools with greater stopping power & relevance, leading to greater results.

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