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Business SEO Service Summary


  • Formal meeting to spot corporate goals, priorities, gain industry insight, meet team members, discuss communications channels, outline competitors and to start to make the plan of action moving forward.
  • Identification of major competitors vying for an equivalent digital marketplace. Data gathering to incorporate (1) competitor program visibility, (2) search targets, (3) digital market share and other factors like AdWords activity or the standard of their SEO execution.
  • Identification of on-site and off-site technical issues that would hinder SEO progress. Includes link quality evaluation, website crawling, Google Panda & Penguin penalties, Robots.txt, meta data, etc. Development of action items to be addressed.
  • Recommendations, if needed, to enhance sales lead conversion rates and therefore the overall user experience.
  • Keyword discovery to spot target search phrases for program optimization. Keyword research will fuel on-site content optimization.
  • Targeting team members involved within the creation of digital content, including PR, blogging, website creation, video and social media. This key training session will help make all digital content perform better online.

  • Page by page content optimization supported keyword research. Products/services identified as a priority are going to be address first. Minimum of 15 pages through the primary month and 10 pages thereafter. Includes page title tag, meta description tag and bulk content. Professionally crafted and sensitive to regulatory considerations impacting the medical, cosmetic, financial and other industries.
  • Creation of two new content pieces per month. This content piece are often a piece of writing , blog or website counting on the requirements of the corporate and therefore the campaign. Content marketing are often wont to expand service pages, target critical keyword not supported by the web site , add targeted city pages, on-topic blog dialogue, etc.
  • We monitor your online reputation daily. If negative information is released, we will advise and help develop a technique best combat it.
  • White-hat link building and business directory submissions. Our network reaches 250+ top US-based business directories, online yellow-pages and GPS systems. Includes all major directories including,, and Apple Siri. additionally to making quality, clean inbound links, it’ll also pack up NAP data (Name, Address, Phone) which benefits local SEO and Google Places performance.
  • Website submissions to the highest 50 US-based search engines and search directories. additionally to the main engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, it also includes Open Directory Project, the Jayde network, 7 Search and other networks.
  • Creation and/or optimization of Google Places, Bing & Yahoo Local listings for up to 5 locations. Additional locations are often added as project extensions of our normal monthly tasks.
  • Creation of XML sitemaps to make sure thorough program BOT indexing. Submission of sitemaps to the search engines.
  • Observation of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and search demand trends. Providing information concerning when trends or anomalies are identified and site statistics information to assist plan, inform and strategize. we’ll found out and install these resources if they are doing not exist already .
  • Google averages 500 search adjustments per annum . for many major changes, we all know beforehand that they’re coming. We implement the required adjustments to the campaign to catch up on changes made or changes coming.
  • Internet marketing recommendations & advice per request. With over 17 years of experiences, we will answer most of your internet marketing questions.

  • Keyword ranking report showing current keyword rankings for relevant keywords across the main US-based search engines. Campaign updates discussing progress and campaign details.
  • Formal meeting to debate the progress of the campaign, prioritize for subsequent month, collaborate, answer questions and supply data intelligence.
  • In-depth quarterly meetings to debate website traffic trends, user behavior, product search demand, conversion rates and other details. Development of a revised SEO strategy, re-prioritization of goals and tasks and other adjustments are often discussed and pursued.

    There are two components to SEO growth: (1) Gaining new keyword rankings and (2) Improving the positioning of existing rankings. Appture Digital will waive its service fee for any month where we do not (1) capture 5 new and productive keyword rankings and (2) receive a net ranking gain of 20 positions across the top 3 search engines.

    Business SEO Service Pricing – Contact Appture Digital for Corporate & Enterprise SEO Campaign Pricing.

    A significant price discount is available for partners with multiple websites or physical locations requiring a separate SEO efforts.  Note: Individual corporate franchise websites that target a small local region would be best served with our Local SEO service under a much lower pricing structure.

    Contact Appture Digital today for your free Business SEO campaign proposal.


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Nicole NoblesApril 18, 2024
Dan was a delight to work with. I needed a few headshots taken for my LinkedIn profile and Dan provided the easiest and most comfortable experience using state-of-the art equipment in a very professional setting. Also, the turn-around time on results was quick and I felt completely engaged and satisfied during the entire process. I highly recommend his services.Donny RitcharoenDecember 19, 2023
I got headshots taken and they turned out so well! The lighting was amazing.Tessa ChanMay 31, 2023
We used Appture to build a lodging website, and they were awesome! Dan went above and beyond to show us the functions and make all of our changes. Appture is our go to for web design from now on!Abigail HaleOctober 26, 2022
Dan did a fantastic job making me feel comfortable while shooting. He also made me look great! I don't photograph well, so I am very pleased with the results and speed at which I got the final product.Lily GostinSeptember 13, 2022
Appture knows their business and will go the extra mile for their customers. They do high quality work and provide great ongoing support.Chris McCorkindaleMay 25, 2022
Anita CauthornMay 24, 2022
It’s so rare in these times to find one man with so much wow factor and more rare to find men with similar interest and passion in their life journey as myself . Dan Elliott has been introduced to many in what is now considered as the Terror Dome , a place where many dreams are not deferred they are detoured to routes that lead to dead ends , he comes in full of optimism so infectious that he, maybe with out knowing is energizing those who have ventured where others would fear going with just the right jolt to forge on in the way of helping fallen humanity … His various fields of expertise has helped many in my region and I can only imagine the number he has effected beyond those I know … from day one I knew “ this was a man of kindred spirit “ Dan Elliott is a Gem and adds glimmer to things he touches … I’m a Witness ….and eternally grateful….L.Rashaan RichMay 21, 2022
Dan and his group are highly capable and knowledgeable. They work fast and get the job done. I highly recommend Appture.Justin FrankMarch 26, 2022
They are highly specialized in their work and constantly seek innovation.Ismail YenigulMarch 14, 2022
Dan is a marketing wizard. Honest, Experienced and a read deal. I am blessed to have him in my journey online :) Highly recommended.Sabbir HasanMarch 7, 2022
So much to say. Creative, Intelligent, Talented, Limitless, Affordable. It's amazing what these guys can do.Hack mackMay 17, 2019
We'd used some other agencies before, but man, they simply knocked us all over. After being in business for 30 years, I wonder how much more business we'd be doing if we'd hired them earlier.Rebecca HoneaMay 17, 2019