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5 Brochure Writing Tips to Support Your Online Marketing Efforts

Professional quality brochure writing can help you grow your business.

You work hard to market your company. Your branding across the various collateral and online properties should remain consistent. In other words, your brochure should support your online copywriting efforts.

Below are five brochure writing suggestions to help make sure that your brand remains consistent, and to help you sell more. Good things can happen for your business when your marketing efforts are unified.

5 Brochure Writing Tips to Help You Unify Your Brand

Push Your Website and Digital Properties

The brochure is a great in-person promotional tool. It’s great to leave people with physical marketing material to help them remember your brand. But because of its size, space is limited. You can make up for this by pushing people to your website, social media channels and other online properties in your brochure writing. Make sure your audience is aware of the other places they can find you.

It’s also good to have contact information, including email and phone number available.

Give Your Reader the Benefits

People are more likely to buy when they know how your business can make their lives better. A quick list of bullet points on how your product or service solves their problem goes a long way. Selling a computer isn’t about the number attached to the amount of RAM, it’s about being able to watch videos, edit photos, and work with dozens of tabs and windows open. Those are the benefits a high amount of RAM can offer. They are the things your reader will care about.

Understand Your Audience

The temptation is to write the copy from your perspective. It’s what you know, and it’s what seems natural. But you’re not the target audience. You have to consider what will appeal to those who are shopping in your industry. What are the big questions you hear from customers as they purchase? What are some popular objections?

5 Brochure Writing Tips to Support Your Online Marketing Efforts

When you can put your readers at ease, and show them that you identify with their problem, you build trust. When you build trust, your readers become customers.

Be Direct

Your brochure is comprised of limited real estate. Don’t squander that valuable space by failing to get to the point. Don’t squander it writing about things your audience won’t relate to. You only have a few hundred words in a tri-fold.

Focus on what matters and discard the rest. Make the most out of this quick opportunity to get in front of people.

Include a Single, Strong Call to Action

When you give your readers too much choice, they walk away. A single, strong call to action is all you need when it comes to brochure writing. Go ahead and ask people to buy, or contact you. Tell them how their lives will be changed for the better. Invoke emotion to boost the chance of a sale.


Brochure writing is about taking advantage of limited space to appeal to your customer in a unique way. It’s a way to leave your reader or customer with a memorable piece that will serve your business well, in the future. Make sure that your brochure is something that represents your brand in a powerful, meaningful manner.

If you are looking to get the most out of your next piece, a brochure copywriter may be able to help.


My Dad was a Creative Director all his life. I spent my youth working in the agency, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. All those experiences made me into a thinker, dreamer and doer that specializes in integrated branding, marketing, digital and public relations services. I feel my key value to clients is the ability to turn creative concepts into analytically driven marketing plans and tools with greater stopping power & relevance, leading to greater results.

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