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Video: William Álvarez on the importance of structured data and Google search –


William Álvarez, the Director of Organic Search at Catalyst, invited me to his office, 3 World Trade Center, to chat about SEO. We spoke mostly about his thoughts on why structured data is not just important today for getting richer results in Google but his thoughts on why it will be important in the future.

William believes that in the future, Google will reward sites using structured data with added user interface features in search. Not just simply by places more content in or around your snippets, be it stars, videos, images, and more content but more. He envisions an almost branded Google search page for your web site. So this is why he isn’t upset or angry when you hear about Google sending less traffic to your sites, because he believes the end game has a lot of opportunity.

We also talked about his passion for mentoring SEOs with less experience. If you want his advice or to follow William, his Twitter handle is @williamalvarez.

Here is the video:

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