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 WHO IS THIS GUY? My Dad was a Creative Director all his life. I spent my youth working in the agency, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. All those experiences made me into a thinker, dreamer and doer that specializes in integrated branding, marketing, digital and public relations services. I feel my key value to clients is the ability to turn creative concepts into analytically......

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Ignore Brand Awareness in PPC at Your Peril

In my last article on this blog, I described how brand awareness in PPC is sometimes viewed as less important than PPC performance. Unfortunately, too many companies put all their attention on the performance of their paid search campaigns — and undervalue their brand awareness campaigns. Which is unfortunate because brand awareness is often a major driver of performance! Why is this the case? Because when your product or......

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2. Use Google Ads and Facebook to Drive Content Success When looking to use PPC to grow, most companies will hit the SERPs and target bottom of the funnel keywords, like “buy SEO tool.” You know, keywords that signify someone wants to buy something. ASAP. But these don’t work as well as content engagement campaigns do, and for good reason: These people have likely never heard of you.  ......

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