Return on investment (ROI) cost calculator

Curious as to how effective a Direct Emarketing Program can be for your company? Use our return on investment (ROI) calculator to calculate the results you can expect.

To use our calculator, enter the information required under the Direct Emarketing Variables.

When finished, click the "Calculate" button to see the estimated ROI and other helpful data associated with your direct mail program.

Note: All fields in the variables section are required.
Direct Emarketing Variables
Number of Pieces You Are Mailing    
Total Program Costs $  
Expected Response Rate   %
Expected Conversion Rate   %
Expected Average Order Size $  
Variable Cost of Order $  
Analysis Results
Number of Responders Cost Per Response $  
Number of Buyers   Cost Per Order $  
Total Program Revenue $ Cost Per Direct Mail Piece $  
Net Program Revenue $
Return on Investment   %  

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