How Engaging an Online Video Can Really Be?

How Engaging an Online Video Can Really Be?I’ve been seriously researching (and experimenting with) video as an online marketing tool recently. There are perfect examples of successful viral marketing campaigns with videos. But this is not what I wanted to emphasize (and ask your opinion about) in this post.

What I wanted to focus on in this short post is: how engaging a video can be.

We’ve seen great examples of how a video can create buzz and get the word out, how it can be used to visualize the message and how it can work as a link magnet. But have we seen enough videos that are really engaging?

I can’t say I have come across a lot of good engaging videos – have you?

Below I am listing just a couple of examples I was able to find – are you aware of more? That would be a great help in my research!

1. Integrating Sign-up Process Right within the Video: Oxfam

Oxfam ACT FAST program, which teaches citizens about poverty and hunger, has been launched recently with the compelling message and smart promotion campaign. The program video player allows viewers to join Oxfam within the video itself, making it easy to get involved:

2. Engaging with Playful Experience: The PEN Story

Last year Able Reach discovered this video for me which is

…engaging and it’s got my mind going all perkity perk – it’s creative, interesting, playful, easy to understand, feels like there is more, and makes me want to keep looking.

If a web site made me feel like that *and* made it easy for me to get what I want, I could see myself telling other people about both the site and the products it sells.

The video lacks a clear-cut call to action but it is engaging nonetheless!

Any other good examples you can come up with? Please share them in the comments!

Post image by Rennett Stowe