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Google’s SEO job description highlights importance of collaborating with multiple teams –


Google has posted a job opening to hire an SEO. Google does this from time to time and yes, Google has its own SEOs to work on Google products such as Gmail, Search, Maps, Chrome, Android, Google Ads, AdSense, Google Marketing Platform, Analytics and others.

Team effort. What is nice to see from the job description is that Google shows the importance of the SEO not working by himself or herself in a silo but working collaboratively with multiple teams and departments. The job descriptions says, “You’ll join a team of experienced growth marketers and collaborate very closely with the central growth product and engineering team as well as growth marketing and product teams embedded within each product area to help identify opportunities and design multi-quarter SEO strategies that drive growth of Google’s web ecosystem. This is a highly collaborative role and you’ll develop ongoing relationships with teams to help build sustainable, long-term growth.”

For SEOs to do an effective job, you just can’t sprinkle on some SEO juice after the fact. You need to have SEO tightly integrated through each department and team. It is an ongoing effort that happens throughout content development, marketing efforts, product launches, new features and ongoing technical changes.

No, no unfair advantage. Some might think SEOs working at Google have an unfair advantage. But as we have seen, the SEOs that have worked at Google say that they might even have a tougher job. Google Search engineers don’t give them advice or tips and are even more tightlipped with internal SEOs than with those working outside of Google. Even so, Google has posted about its SEO successes in the past and it seems like a great job and great challenge.

Where to apply. If you are interested in this job, you can apply over here.

Why we care. SEOs need to know that they have to gain access to the whole team to really have a successful outcome. Working together with engineers, content developers, marketing teams and executives can be critical in winning at SEO. We have a session coming up at SMX West where you can learn to do some of this, read our story on Bridging SEO and web development: How to get developers on your side to learn more.

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