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Google tests user comments for live TV shows –


Google has confirmed with the search engine is testing user comments in the search results for queries related to live TV shows. Google has offered this feature for live sporting events.

What it looks like. This is a test, so you might not see it, but if you search for [the bachelor] on mobile search, you may see the ability to add comments to chat with other Google searchers. Here is a screenshot from @nikers85 on Twitter.

Google tests user comments for live TV shows -

Manage comments. You can manage your comments in Search here. Note that comments are public to all users and cannot be made anonymously. They appear with the name and picture on a user’s Google account.

Again, a test. This is a test for live TV shows, but a feature that has been live for sporting events such as World Cup, Cricket World Cup, etc. for a while now.

Why we care. This feature puts Google in Twitter’s domain of live event conversation and brings social engagement to Search. Live event and show marketers have another channel from which to monitor and analyze real-time sentiment and conversations.

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